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porto recanati – Settembre 2024 

discovering Marche, the cycle heaven !


porto recanati

settembre 2024

granfondo 5MILA

Sunday September 10th, 08:00am - Porto Recanati - Marche Italy

Percorso Medio: 82 km – 1220m D+
Percorso Lungo: 112 km – 1660m D+

1) Partecipation

The Event is open to all cyclists over the age of 17 with

FCI card or Promotion Bodies who have signed the agreement with the FCI

and for foreigners in possession of a UCI license.

For all non-members it is possible to participate by purchasing the card daily attaching a competitive medical certificate for cycling activities.

Professionals, elites (men and women) and under 23 are admitted exclusively for promotional purposes and upon invitation by the Organizing Committee and will not be able to participate in any way in the ranking (their participation is also subject to written authorization from the membership).

Daily Card issued by the FCI which involves the obligation to be in possession of the following requirements:

1) copy of the medical certificate for competitive activity with cycling discipline (agonist);

2) valid ID;

3) fill in and sign the ethical declaration for issuing the card. The card can be subscribed at the time of license verification at a cost of € 10.00 to be added to the registration fee for the event as established by the FCI regulations.

The event is free to participate, but the Organizing Committee may, at any time and at its sole discretion, decide whether or not to accept the registration or to exclude a participant from the event. Cyclists who are not regularly registered will not be able to join the event, under penalty of immediate expulsion and reporting to the Bodies of Justice.Participation in this event in the Medio Fondo and Gran Fondo routes is allowed to cyclists duly registered, in possession of a regular medical certificate valid on the day of the event, male and female, according to the following scheme:

  • MEDIUM ROUTE: (competitive) from the 17th year of age (calendar year), all Master categories
  • MEDIUM ROUTE: (non-competitive) to all cyclists, sports cyclists and participants with historic bikes (prior to 1987), gravel bikes, mtb, ebike, tandem; all participants with the aforementioned bicycles must strictly report the use of these vehicles at the time of registration (under penalty of disqualification).
  • GRAN FONDO: (competitive course) from the 17th year of age up to the 70th (calendar year) in all Master categories.





The departure is scheduled for September 10 at 8.00 am according to the grids as defined below:

GRID OF HONOR: from n. 1 to no. 150, Guests, Sponsors, Charity Bib, Hotel Package

MERIT GRID: from n.151 to n. 500, to the first 50 classified long and medium 2022 edition, to the first 30 members of the Zero Wind Show circuit, to the first 3 in the standings of the Zero Wind Show circuit for each category long and medium route previous year, asd Bike Division m

1st GRID 5MILA: from n. 501 to 1000 based on the registration date

2nd GRID 5MILA: from 1001 to 1500 based on registration date

Start area will open at 7.00 am

Before departure, the organizing committee staff will check access to the various starting grids. The automatic check will take place at the time of the transit of the participants on the carpets of the electronic detection system positioned under the portal in the place of departure.

Riders who start in a grid preceding the one assigned will be disqualified.


From this year, the ONE CHIP will be active for all cycling events. Read the updated chip conditions


At the end of the competition, the rankings will be published on this site separately for the GranFondo and MedioFondo routes for both the female and male categories. The ranking of companies will also be drawn up.

The individual rankings will be published both in absolute terms and on the basis of the categories they belong to as indicated below:

  • Junior 2004-1994
  • Senior 1 1993-1989
  • Senior 2 1988-1984
  • Veterans 1 1983-1979
  • Veterans 2 1978-1974
  • Gentleman 1 1973-1969
  • Gentleman 2 1968-1964
  • Super Gentleman A 1963-1959
  • Super Gentleman B 1958-1949
  • Female 1 2004-1984
  • Female 2 1983-1974
  • Female 3 1973-1948


The company ranking is drawn up by counting all the athletes (men and women) starting from both routes (Gran Fondo and Medio Fondo) agonists and non-agonists.

The awarding of the absolute classification of each route is scheduled for the first 3 men and women and will be carried out immediately after the arrival of the athletes themselves, except for any provisions of the jury.

The category awards, separate for each path, are scheduled for the first 3 classified.

The company awards are scheduled for the first 3 classified.


Participants will be able to collect the race bib and bike number only upon presentation of the FCI card or card from other entities valid for the 2023 season. Participants must visibly fix the bib number on the left side and the bike number on the front part of the handlebar , both provided by the Organization, and be equipped with a chip if they want to participate in the individual and company rankings. The numbers provided cannot be modified or altered in any way, under penalty of a sanction according to the regulations in force. It is mandatory to use an approved and fastened rigid helmet for the entire duration of the race and to respect the highway code. The riders overtaken by the car at the end of the race will continue the event as cycle tourists while keeping both numbers clearly visible. Anyone who has not entered the grid 10 (ten) minutes before the start will automatically be placed in the last starting grid. It is advisable to carry a puncture repair kit with you when racing and to equip yourself with suitable clothing for changing weather conditions.


By completing the registration, the competitor declares to be in possession of the medical certificate according to the D.M. dated 18/02/82, to be in possession of a regular card issued for the current year, insurance for civil liability towards third parties, to have read the route and its criticalities (possibly reporting them to the Race Director) and to have having read the present regulation, accepting it unconditionally in every point. The participant expresses his consent to the use of his images and his data collected during the registration phase and during the days of the event, according to the provisions of the Privacy law n.675 of 12/31/1996 and of the d. lgs 196/03, to the organizing company, to the company that carries out the photographic service, to the company that carries out the timing and registrations and to the company that takes care of the press office, to the sponsors and partners of the event. The participant declares that he renounces any liability or recourse action against the organizing company, the latter's partners or suppliers, the personnel assigned to the organization in any capacity, the sponsors and sponsors, deriving from his participation in the event and at its side events.


The organization reserves the right to make changes to this regulation at any time. The website is the official information tool of the event and therefore all official communications will be disclosed there.


Participation in the Event involves the processing of the personal data of the participants for the purposes and in the manner described in the Organizer's Privacy Policy. The data controller is the Organizer. By registering for the Event, the participant confirms that he has carefully read the Organizer's Privacy Policy.


If, due to force majeure or any other cause not attributable to the organization, the event does not take place, the participation fee will not be refunded, but frozen and usable for the following year, minus the secretarial costs.

the replacement or cancellation of an athlete will only be accepted by 07 August 2023


Any complaints must be received by the jury within the statutory terms accompanied by the fee established on the basis of the FCI regulations.

10) NORM

For anything not contemplated in these regulations, the technical, organizational and disciplinary rules issued by the FCI are in force.

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